Why Businesses Need More Than Just Email Encryption

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May 15, 2015
Email Encryption

Over time, cyber experts have learned that securing sensitive and confidential communication, data exchanges, and information that travels through email is proving to be more and more challenging with the advances in the hacking community. By default, an email is exposed as it moves through the Internet. Email that is not encrypted or protected in a secure manner can potentially be read, intercepted or altered while in transit and become completely corrupted by the time it reaches its destination.

To stop these exploitations from happening, end-to-end email encryption was introduced to the business marketplace. Because email protection is a critical requirement for most businesses, the question is not, should a company implement email protection services, but rather, how fast it can a solution best implemented with the easiest user effort.

With legalities surrounding personal privacy, data must be guarded with the most robust protection. While end-to-end encryption provides a layer of security for data in transit, it does nothing to protect the data when it’s at rest. This gap in security has led to extensive vulnerabilities within organizations that believed their emails were secure. This is no fault of theirs; the system is flawed because the majority of email-encryption providers support integration into platforms such as Microsoft Outlook®. Because few Microsoft Outlook® users close the program after sending an email, the files in the “sent” folder are vulnerable. There are thousands of individual devices containing malware that allow outside hackers to access a device’s sensitive information in the Outlook® folder system.

To protect these files, CertainSafe® provides a unique platform that utilizes a combination of MicroEncryption® and MicroTokenization® technology that protects this information in a way that flat out stops both internal as well as external exploitation of information. With CertainSafe®’s Smart Office technology you can be certain that your sensitive information is protected. For almost 30 years, our highly experienced executive team has been developing cutting edge software for technologically advanced solutions specifically geared toward providing the absolute highest levels of digital security.